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Find a dentist who accepts payment plans

Dentists know that not everyone has set aside money for unexpected dental crisis needs. Dentists know that people who have dental emergencies requiring a 24 hr dentist, don't necessarily have room on the credit card to spare for dental emergency issues.

Dentists offer payment plans to accomodate situations like these mentioned above.Primarily you have several dentist payment plan options. Ask the dentist you are consulting what their options are based on your personal situation. Good questions to ask are below:

  1. Can I pay my bill using my credit card over several months? 
  2. Do you have credit options I can apply for to cover my dental care? 
  3. How can I get my tooth fixed without going broke? 
Many people put off dental care until it is absolutely emergency dental care. A friend falls face first on the concrete and has a broken tooth. A friend crashes a bike and need an oral surgeon to fix their smile. A security guard takes a head butt in the face and has a broken tooth.

There's no time to waste. You look at yourself in the mirror and see a missing tooth. "I'm not a hockey player!"

Can I afford to let my family see me with a missing or broken tooth? "I look like an ugly person!" you think to yourself just because a tooth is broken or totally gone. When have you last seen a movie star with an imperfect smile?

It occurs to you then, "I went out to have a few drinks and some fun. I didn't budget enough to have a broken tooth fixed! How am I going to pay for this?"

It's scary, but you are not about to go to class tomorrow with a broken tooth. You are not going to face your family or girlfriend or boyfriend with a missing tooth.

I need a 24 hour dentist now, and I don't have room on my credit card to pay for this. I don't have time to set up payment arrangements with family or friends, and I'm not talking to my significant other until my smile is back to normal.